Harper Lee, Myelogram

Harper Lee, Myelogram

Harper Lee, Myelogram, CSF


Just an update on Harper Lee. She’s WALKING!!! Not pretty but she’s walking. She came home from Dr. Smith’s on Tuesday. She stayed there until we knew she could pee and poop on her own.

Her right leg has came back pretty good (probably about 75-80% so far). She can stand in it, but has a little balance problem, since the left leg is still fairly weak. BUT she’s learning to balance on three legs.

Her left leg has improved greatly in the last 36 hours, to the point that if she walks slowly, she is using it. She tends to still drag it when she walks fast or RUNS (yes, I said RUN…which I am working hard to keep her from doing). She is also pulling the leg up under her body most of the time when she stops and stands in one place. Last night when I was doing her therapy, i was working on the left leg and when I got to the foot on the left leg, she reacted by curling her nails downward toward the pad of the foot and she wagged her tail for the first time.

I’ve tried to have positive thoughts all thru this and can never thank Dr. Dew and you ladies (his staff) for all your kindness. I truly believe Harper Lee may some day be fully recovered and back to her silly self on the agility field.

Jeanette and Harper Lee