Katie, Bulla Osteotomy

Katie, Bulla Osteotomy

Katie, Bulla Osteotomy, nasopharyngeal polyp

Hi Jennifer:

Attached is a picture of Katie Sue Huneycat before she got her e-collar off. She is much more happy now! She’s 100% better now – no wheezing or choking.

Thank you so much to Dr. Dew and the rest of you for taking such great care of her. Dr. Williams at the All Cat’s Clinic took out her penrose drain last Tuesday and I’ll be taking her back to Dr. Larson a week from Wednesday for a follow-up appointment. Katie will finish her antibiotics tomorrrow night. We let her go outside a little bit yesterday but not very long as it was hot and humid. She was very happy to get outside.

– Janice C.