MaeBelle, Knee Surgery

MaeBelle, Knee Surgery

MaeBelle, Tibial Tuberostiy Advancement (TTA)

Miss Jennifer,
Just so you know….MaeBelle has had a perma-smile on her face since we left your office at her final check up. We went camping the next weekend–I’ve attached a couple of photos from that trip. She had a blast on her first real hike in several months.

We are currently walking at least 1.5 miles/day, and sometimes we get closer to 3 mile walks if I have time to take 2 walks. She’s nice and trim again, and HAPPY. Oh my, she’s so happy! Be sure to tell everyone there how much of a difference the surgery made for her. I think she understands that she’s all better again. And she loves the blue tennis ball you gave her. She often naps with it right next to her nose.

We love all of you at Azzore!