Seamus, PSS

Seamus, PSS

Seamus, Portosystemic Shunt Correction

Hi, Jennifer

Here is a picture of my Pembroke Welsh Corgi Llys Draig Canuck’s Fighting Irish, aka Seamus (also known to you as Fluff). He is now 14 months old and 9 months post surgery PSShunt surgery. He now weighs approximately 25 pounds, compared to the 11 pounds when he had the surgery. Although we had a slight setback after the initial surgery, Seamus is now doing great. A bile acid test was run on Seamus in December and it came back normal. As you may recall, Fluff fought to stay alive even when the liver problem was trying to kill him and he always maintained his sweet disposition even when in pain. This is the reason he was named “fighting Irish.” He is my tough PWC with an Irish attitude.

Also attached is a picture of my Cardigan Welsh Corgi UKC/AKC Ch Spanishoaks Dragonhold McGoo, NA. Dr. Dew performed spinal surgery on McGoo more than 10 years ago. McGoo made a 98% recovery and has done well ever since with no further disc issues. McGoo turned 16 years of age on March 31 (he is 14 in the picture). It appears McGoo still has some living to do and may reach 18. He has slowed down, doesn’t hear or see as well as he used to, but he still hears “cookie” and knows when it is time to eat.

I will always be thankful and appreciative to everyone who works with Dr. Dew. Give my thanks to Dr. Dew and of course all of the staff at Azzore.

I have and will continue to refer patients to Dr. Dew. I cannot say enough about his professionalism, surgical expertise and overall great character. One day I hope to meet Dr. Dew in person.

Joan Adams
Llys Draig Corgis
Downsville, LA