AVMA Pet of the Year

Does your pet have what it takes to be chosen as the AVMA Pet of the Year?

flying dog

Is your canine, feline, equine or other animal companion the best in the world?

 Does your pet have a unique history or talent?

Do you have an interesting story to tell?

Do you think your pet should be recognized as the AVMA Pet of the Year?

This is your chance to honor that special companion who shares your life. The Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association wants you to tell them how wonderful, smart, intelligent, brave and/or affectionate your favorite animal is.

Past winners have been a search and rescue Australian Shepard, a brave English bulldog, a Vietnamese Potbellied Pig and a Golden Retriever.

Just Fe 2download the application form, fill it out and turn it in to your veterinarian (or Azzore) before December 15th, 2014. (You can attach additional pages and photographs to help convince the judges why your pet should be selected.)

The winner will be announced at the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association Winter Meeting.

Pet of the Year Application


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