Azzore Tour

The Azzore Tour

Parkway Surgery Facility, Russellville, Arkansas


Have you wondered what our facility looks like, but haven’t been able to make the trip to Russellville, AR to see us yet? Or maybe you are wondering who you’re talking to on the phone, or who is taking care of your pet when they stay with us.  Here’s your opportunity to find out.


Take the Azzore tour.

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  1. Azzore Veterinary Specialists says:

    For anyone wondering about this picture and how it ended up in our hospital tour….I’ll try to give you the “short” version. I've reached a point in my life when for the first time, amazingly, I don't have a cat or a dog….therein my Quarter horse mare, "HiHo", is my equivalent of your "baby". The first time I saw her she was 4 months old…she's 9 years now. She adds a huge dimension of joy to my life. Unfortunately she's had her share of health issues. Therein, like many of you, over the years I've had my emotional “basket case” moments which include handing over her lead rope and watching as she was led away by a total stranger prior to undergoing surgery. And even with the 20 years of experience I've gained as a veterinary technician, having been involved in an incredible number of anesthetic procedures…99.9% with a positive outcome, I've still agonized through the fear of anesthesia, worried about her recovery and the long term prognosis. So when you tell me about your "baby" and worry that I can't possibly relate…..let me tell you about "HiHo"!
    Pam Morgan, Veterinary Technician

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