Canine Total Hip Replacement

Canine Total Hip Replacement

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Konor, 7 mo, 40 lb, male neutered mix breed 
being prepped for a Total Hip Replacement.




  1. Total hip replacement or TPO? Those look like pretty subluxated hips but I don't see much DJD, esp. for a 7 mo dog. Just wondering!

  2. Azzore Veterinary Specialists says:

    Sorry for the incredibly long delay in response. Email notification wasn't working.

    We were initially headed for a TPO on Konnor. But, unfortunately, he turned out not to be a good TPO candidate, as Dr. Dew was unable to reduce and achieve ortolani. So, Konnor's folks opted for a THR.

  3. Deanne Fortson says:

    Update on Konor…he is doing absolutely wonderful. You would never know he had surgery except for the faint line in the fur on each hip…which you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know to look. I have all the pics on my phone: the one above, the left THR, and the bilateral THR. I use them for educational purposes with my PT students even though I work with kids and not THR adults. It’s a good thing for them to see. Konor runs fast and jumps like a crazy deer sometimes as he leaps off the deck (only about 8″ down). Now if we could just figure out what kind of dog he really is…besides bionic!

  4. That’s so good to hear! Well, whatever breed he is, he’s a great dog. You know, they do have those DNA test kits if you really wanted to know badly enough! ;o)

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