Spinal Regeneration Study

[pinit] Interesting report by Fergus Walsh, the medical correspondent for BBC News, on spinal regeneration helping paralyzed dogs walk again.     Nose cell transplant enables paralyzed dogs to walk Jasper the dachshund walking again.   Scientists have reversed paralysis in dogs after injecting them with cells grown from the lining of their nose. The […]


ID Chip

ID Chip #1

Chip   is an 8 year old Labrador Retriever mix who came to us with rear limb lameness and a recurring infection after a previous surgery at another clinic. Dr. Ward at Ward Veterinary Clinic referred Chip and his family to Dr. Dew. Dr. Dew explored the draining tract, submitted tissue for histology and retrieved suture […]


Managing Corneal Ulcers

  Managing Corneal Ulcers if an ulcer doesn’t heal in 5-7 days after routine therapy, refer to an animal eye specialist. Time is of the essence.   Routine therapy for corneal ulcers will normally consist of a broad spectrum antibiotic and atropine. If the ulcer is not beginning to heal within 5 to 7 days, […]


Cataracts – Before and After

Wendy PreCataractSx 04-01-11

Cataracts before and after surgery   Wendy, an 11 year old shih tzu, before cataract surgery:   and now here she is after her cataract surgery:   – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –    Buddy, an 11 year old toy fox terrier, experienced bilateral cataracts:   […]



Dr. Hodgson recently treated two patients for cataracts on the same day. Over the next several weeks, we’ll follow their progress from their initial exams, to surgery, to follow up appointments.


Laryngeal Paralysis: Post-Op

Laryngeal Paralysis Post-operative   So, what happened with Marcie after surgery? Marcie was given a good prognosis for uncomplicated recovery and improved quality of life — in other words, she could look forward to being able to breathe more easily than before surgery. The first 24 hours after surgery have the highest risk. There is […]


Laryngeal Paralysis Surgery

Marcie in recovery following laryngeal tieback sugery

The surgery – Arytenoid Tie-Back Laryngeal Paralysis Part Three   Marcie’s mom brought her to our Russellville surgery center on May 5th. Marcie underwent arytenoid tieback on the left side. Typically, only one side needs to be operated on, as a unilateral tieback procedure will provide sufficient increase in the airway for comfortable breathing. Marcie […]


Laryngeal Paralysis Patient

Marcie-Laryngeal Paralysis Patient

“LarPar” patient Laryngeal Paralysis Part Two   Meet Marcie. Marcie came to us with a history of breathing problems. Over the past five to six months, her respiration had gradually worsened and become more and more of a struggle. At her exam, she displayed stridor and cyanosis consistent with laryngeal paralysis. Dr. Dew discussed arytenoid […]


In the Spotlight: Laryngeal Paralysis

In the Spotlight: Laryngeal Paralysis Laryngeal Paralysis Part One “Doc, my dog can’t breathe!” Do you know the signs of Laryngeal Paralysis? The typical laryngeal paralysis patient is an 8-12 year old retriever breed in the mid-south. Symptoms include: – exercise intolerance, – noisy breathing (stridor), and – blue-ish coloration of the tongue and gums […]


Ike’s Bioscaffold Implants

BioScaffold Implants new treatments for old problems   We have been very pleased with our new Bioscaffold Implant procedure. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Wish we had some before footage to go with this, but you’ll have to take our word for how lame this dog was 2 days ago. Ike is a […]