Azzore 2015 Mini-Wall Calendar

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Calling all Azzore clients!!


We want YOU to send us your best photo of your family pet for possible inclusion in our exclusive 2015 Mini-Wall Calendar.  There will be space for 12 photos only.  The pictures can be general, or if you have holiday specific pictures (New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc.), you can submit them for a particular month of the year.

All submissions must be made no later than October 1st, 2014 to be considered. This will allow us time to design the calendar, get it printed, and have it returned to us by in time for Christmas giving. Please include your name, your pet’s name, and your veterinarian’s name and hospital. All entries should be emailed to azzorevet at

Calendars will be available for purchase ($7.99 each) and all proceeds will go to Azzore’s Angels to help defray medical costs of animals in need.  These are  January – December (12 month) calendars, coil bound with silver wire, with a hole at top for hanging. The last page features 2 years at a glance. Paper Stock is 80lb. gloss text, with photographs printed in full color.  Size: 5 5/8″ x 9 7/8″

The finished product should look something like this:

2015 Calendar Sample

It’s All About You – Part Two

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We would like to thank Justin Lewis and the KATV Channel 7 News Team for the story they ran Monday night on Azzore. We believe they captured the spirit of community that has developed with our clients. If you missed the news cast, click on the picture below to watch the video on their website.

Many thanks, too, to Sweet Sweet Stella and to her parents, Melba and Gordon, for speaking to the news crew, and also to Beulah and her Mom, Manney and his Dad, and Weston and his Dad. Everyone was very accommodating and happy to work with the news crew.

 Azzore on KATV Channel 7 News

It’s All About You!

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KATV Interview with Sweet Sweet Stella's Family

If you are in Arkansas, be sure to tune in to KATV Channel 7 at 10:00 tonight, November 18, 2013, for the evening news. If you are not local, you should be able to view the news over the KATV Livestream.

We received a phone call from reporter Justin Lewis in October. He wanted to come to Azzore and spend some time talking to clients, seeing what we do, and talk to us about our social media efforts.

They arrived on site Thursday, October 17th shortly after 8:00 in the morning and spent half of the day with us.

Tonight, the segment will run on the 10:00 news. We haven’t even seen it yet ourselves, so we will watch it for the first time with you!

While initially, this story was supposed to be about Azzore’s social media presence, we hope that what comes across is that the story is really about each and every one of you.

I won’t lie… I like marketing. I’ve even gone back to college to get a degree in PR/Marketing. I especially enjoy the social media aspect of marketing.

That’s how all of this started out for me, and for Azzore. But, it has turned into so much more.

What I hope the viewers see in this story tonight, is the incredible community that has developed among Azzore clients. Many of you have become Facebook friends after interacting in our lobby, or on our Facebook page.

We have seen you encourage each other, give each other hope, and calm the fears of other worried “parents” whose “children” have come to Dr. Dew for surgery.

We have seen you band together and raise funds for patients in need of treatment, most of them rescues or strays without a home to call their own.

And, we have seen you weep with those who have lost their loved ones, throwing virtual arms of comfort around them, and sharing stories of your own loss.

This is community. In the end, it isn’t about social media marketing, it’s about creating a place where people come together to share, to comfort, to laugh, to be an extended family held together by our love for our animal companions.

Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

along with Dr. Dew and the Dew Crew

Bon Voyage Dr. Hodgson!

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All of us here at Azzore would like to wish Dr. Hodgson Bon Voyage! Dr. Hodgson moved here to work with Azzore Veterinary Specialists in 2010. Alas, Arkansas couldn’t hold him and he has left us to return to the warm, sandy beaches of Florida. We wish him and his family all the best.

NKR Adoptathon

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No Kill Russellville



Sticky: AEC:SPR

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NW Arkansas Animal Emergency Clinic

Dr. Dew travels to the AEC:Springdale every other Tuesday to see patients from 10:00am to 2:00pm.
Please call (866)-838-4282 to schedule an appointment.

February 2014

02/11/14 Tuesday

02/25/14  Tuesday

March 2014

03/11/14 Tuesday

03/25/14 Tuesday

April 2014

04/08/14 Tuesday

04/22/14 Tuesday

May 2014

05/06/14 Tuesday

05/20/14 Tuesday

June 2014

06/03/14 Tuesday

06/17/14 Tuesday

July 2014

07/01/14 Tuesday

07/15/14 Tuesday

07/29/14 Tuesday

August 2014

08/12/14 Tuesday

08/26/14 Tuesday

September 2014

09/09/14 Tuesday

09/23/14 Tuesday

October 2014

10/07/14 Tuesday

10/21/14 Tuesday

November 2014

11/04/14 Tuesday

11/18/14 Tuesday

December 2014

12/02/14 Tuesday

12/16/14 Tuesday

directions to the AEC:Spr


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Memphis Animal Emergency Clinic

Dr. Dew travels to the AEC:Memphis one Tuesday each month to see patients from 11:30am to 2:00pm. Please call (866)-838-4282 to schedule an appointment.

February 2014

02/04/14 Tuesday

March 2014

03/18/14 Tuesday

April 2014

04/15/14 Tuesday

May 2014

05/13/14 Tuesday

June 2014

06/10/14 Tuesday

July 2014

07/08/14 Tuesday

August 2014

08/05/14 Tuesday

September 2014

09/02/14 Tuesday

09/30/14 Tuesday

October 2014

10/28/14 Tuesday

November 2014

11/25/14 Tuesday

December 2014

12/09/14 Tuesday

January 2015

01/06/15 Tuesday

directions to the AEC:Mem

Bikes & Bollards

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Bikes & Bollards

rack ‘em up


Registration Form here.


Bikes & Bollards bike ride is brought to you by Russellville Chamber of Commerce‘s Leadership Russellville class of 2012. Proceeds will aid in our fundraising efforts to donate and install bike racks in both our Downtown District and local parks.

The ride will be held Saturday, March 31, leaving from Depot Park in Downtown Russellville. The event is suitable for all riders, from those who want a leisurely short ride (12 mi.) to those who are in it for the long haul (46 mi.)! Early bird registration needs to be postmarked by March 10th.

After the ride, stick around for food, fun and festivities for all ages! Sit back and enjoy the live music and downtown atmosphere. We are excited to help Russellville gear up to accommodate our local biking community.


Bike Ride Routes here.

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!

from Drs. Dew and Hodgson and the staff at Azzore Veterinary Specialists


The First Candy Cane

There was a candy maker that loved Jesus very much, so much so that he decided to create something special to commemorate Jesus’ birthday. He decided to use his talents to make a special candy to honor Jesus, so he designed the very first Candy Cane.

If you hold the candy cane upright, it is in the shape of the shepherd’s staff.

The shepherds were the first people to praise the birth of Jesus. The shepherds used the staff to care for their sheep, the bible tells us that Jesus is our shepherd and that he will care for us always.

If you turn your candy cane upside down it becomes the letter “J”, the first letter of Jesus’ name, reminding us to keep Jesus first in our lives.

The old candy maker put stripes on the cane, because the scripture tells us that by Jesus’ stripes are we healed. Jesus was beaten and crucified in payment for our sins. So the candy cane is white with red stripes to remind us that it was the blood of Jesus that washed away our sins and made us pure, white, acceptable before God. One bold stripe represents the one true God, the creator, father of us all.

The three fine stripes represent the Trinity; one God whom has revealed himself to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This Christmas and for many to come you will see, touch and taste many variations of the Candy Cane. It is our hope that when you do, you recall this story, the love that went into creating the first Candy Cane, and the Greatest Gift ever given, the gift of Salvation through Jesus.

Wishing you all a Joyous Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

- – Dr. Dew, Dr. Hodgson,

and the Azzore Veterinary Specialists Staff

Where in the World is Dr. Dew?

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Where in the World is Dr. Dew?

board certified veterinary surgeon, speaker and now world-traveler. . .


November 2011 — 2011 ACVS Veterinary Symposium, the Surgical Summit, in Chicago Illinois


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