Surgery Day

“Dew Day”

Mostly likely to occur the day of your consultation appointment


Upon arrival at Azzore Veterinary Specialists, our Client Service Coordinator will check you in, weigh your dog and collect the radiographs and diagnostic results you have brought with you for your consultation appointment with Dr. Dew.

During your consultation, the doctor will:

– discuss your pet’s medical history and current condition,

– examine your pet,

– review any radiographs or medical records you bring to the appointment,

– offer an initial (or confirmation) diagnosis,

– review options available for your pet’s condition

– and discuss potential outcomes, prognosis, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

After your consultation:

– If you decide to proceed with surgery, the procedure will usually be performed the same day as the consultation appointment. Dr. Dew’s patients typically stay overnight at our facility. Please plan accordingly.

Payment is due when your pet is admitted for treatment

– Schedule your discharge appointment

– Will you be spending the day in Russellville?

Post Procedure:

– You will receive a phone call from either the doctor or one of his clinical assistants with an update on your pet’s condition.

– Your pet will need to stay overnight. Patient releases are scheduled during our regular business hours.