Dr. Hale’s Joey Update on Today’s KTHV Morning Show


Dr. Bob Hale joined the KTHV Morning Show to give another update on Joey the Garden Cat. Click on the picture below to view the video, or scroll down to read the transcript of the interview.

Dr. Bob Hale's Joey Update on Today's KTHV Morning Show

Liz: Out to the garden with Dr. Bob and Tom.

Tom: We have Joey right here below us on camera 7. We can say this, we know this about Joey, he’s not a big crowd kind of cat. He likes 1 or 2 people individually. There he is, turn around, we want to see your face, big guy. Joey’s like, “There’s the guy who gives me shots” and he’s walking away.

Tom: Dr. Bob Hale joining us. We have tens upon 20s of viewers, ok 10s upon 20s of thousands of viewers that are wondering about Joey and what the diagnosis and prognosis is. Joey went in to see Dr. Hale about a bruised front paw…

Dr. Hale: Front left leg…

Tom: Turns out one of your techs found a growth on one of his back legs.

Dr. Hale: We were going to do x-rays on his front leg, and they asked me “Which one of his back legs do you want to have an x-ray done on?” And I said, “No it’s his front leg.” And they said, “Well, there’s something going on with his back leg.” So, we went back and we looked at the back leg, and there was an obvious, very large bony nodule on his left tibia. So, when we felt that, I knew this was something very seriuos. We took an x-ray, and on the x-ray you can see that there is a nodule right here on the tibia.

Tom: You can see that plain as day.

Dr. Hale: You can see it very plain.

Tom: I’m going to pick this up. [picks up the laptop]

Dr. Hale: And you can feel it. It’s very, very obvious, but it’s in a place that you wouldn’t typically feel when you’re petting your pet. So, we went ahead and sent Joey to an orthopedic surgeon in Russellvile, Dr. Terry Dew, and Dr. Dew was nice enough to do some CT Scans. CT Scans are very, very elevated x-rays, they are 360 degree x-rays, sort of, and they can give us a much better diagnosis.

Dr. Hale: He went ahead and took a biopsy. A biopsy is where we cut into skin and go in and get a piece of bone, we take that out and send it to a pathologist. So, we sent this to a pathologist and it has come back as a bad cancer. An osteosarcoma. Now osteosarcoma in cats is very, very, very rare. Very rare. And, it’s not as bad a prognosis as it would be in dogs. In dogs it’s a very bad cancer and it’s life threatening and dogs are given probably 6 to 9 months to live. In the case of felines, it’s a little different. We don’t have a whole lot of information on osteosarcoma in cats. There’s not a lot of data, but what we do know is that it usually doesn’t metastasize, it usually doesn’t spread, to other parts of the body.

Dr. Hale: So, it’s a bad cancer, but I think we might be able to get this off and he might have a normal life. We have two options… two options. One is that we amputate the leg. That’s very serious, and I know everybody doesn’t want to see that happen. But, when you amputate the leg you totally cut all of the bad cancer out and there’s a lot less chance of it spreading or…

Tom: Or of it coming back.

Dr. Hale: Or of it coming back. Or the other option is that we go in and we let Dr. Dew take out this cancer, and he’ll go in and take out the piece of the bone with all of that bad cancer that you just saw on the x-ray. He’ll put a bone plate so that it will give strength to the bone, and then we’ll watch it for 2 or 3 or 4 months and see how the bone comes back. See if the cancer comes back.

Dr. Hale: So, there will be a recovery period, probably 2 or 3, 4 months. But, the prognosis is relatively good. I’m not going to say it’s gaurded, but it’s relatively good that we can get Joey back.

Tom: So there you go folks at home wanting to know. There it is. I know that Bob was with our evening crew last night explaining…

Dr. Hale: Yes, talking about this.

Tom: You wanted to know, and knowing is half the battle and for Joey the cat, which way did we choose here, Bob?

Dr. Hale: Well, I’m not sure that Theba has decided what we’re going to do yet, which one of these…

Tom: But, we’ll keep you posted. It’s 6:53, Bob, thank you for your time and that explanation. Bob Hale, ladies and gentlemen.

Dr. Hale: Good crowd

Tom: They’re cold. I want to get them to warm up. Bob, have you ever had a crowd?

Dr. Hale: We’ve never had a crowd like this. We’ve always been out here by ourselves.

Tom: We’ll be right back.


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