Dr. Jill Summerford and Weezy

Have we said lately how much we appreciate the veterinarians in our community who refer patients to us? What’s really gratifying to us is when they bring us their own pets for surgery.

In January, Dr. Jayasundera from Waggin’ Wheel Veterinary Clinic¬†brought her dog Manel in for Partial Sclerectomy/Epibulbar Melanoma Removal.

Partial Sclerectomy/Epibulbar Melanoma Removal

This week, we had the pleasure of having Dr. Jill Summerford here at Azzore with her dog Weezy.

Weezy Partial Coroidectomy Dr Dew and Dr Summerford in the OR at Azzore Veterinary Specialists
Dr. Dew and Dr. Summerford laughing in the OR at Azzore Veterinary Specialists Dr. Jill Summerford with her dog Weezy in Recovery at Azzore Veterinary Specialists

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