Konor MINE

Konor MINE

Hey Jennifer!

Konor got his package in the mail yesterday! He was SO excited! I didn’t know how to post this on Twitter, so I attached some pics. We started to let him open it until we saw the packing material…so we finished it for him. He LOVED the treats and had to be a bit restrained because he was so excited. Thanks to all of you for his gift and for the Starbucks card too!

He’s doing great! But sometimes I have to break out the water bottle and threaten to squirt him when he starts to run in the house. It works pretty well and keeps us from having to separate him from his big bubba so much.

Thanks again! Hope the weather is nice to you guys this week! I heard it was supposed to snow again! Be safe!

Deanne & Mike F. 2010


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