Joey, the KTHV Garden Cat

Joey the KTHV Garden Cat

the feral cat that made the KTHV Garden his home


Joey was referred to Dr. Dew by Dr. Bob Hale at Briarwood Animal Hospital in Little Rock Arkansas. On a routine exam, Dr. Hale found a suspected cyst on Joey’s rear limb. Dr. Dew performed a CT Scan yesterday to determine if the cyst was part of the bone or just adjacent to it.

We will know more about Joey’s diagnosis soon.



  1. Bobbie & Holly Barnes says:

    Hope you get well soon, in our prayers! Joey we love you. From the Barnes family and Violet the siamese cat

  2. Mitzi Brammer says:

    You look like you are in GREAT hands with Dr. Dew and his colleagues. Prayers coming your way for a successful treatment. We love you in St. Louis, MO!

  3. Thank You for taking such good care of our beloved Joey

  4. Poor kitty. 🙁 I’m so glad he is getting the attention and love he needs.

  5. Wishing Joey a fast an safe recovery,an all goes for the best you Joey you sweetie. We are missing you from your cat friend missey……

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