Joey Update Tuesday April 10


A Special Message from Dr. Dew:

As promised an update for all of Joey’s fans.

Joey the KHTV Garden CatJoey left our clinic today in good spirits after his CT exam and biopsy procedure. You can find some images of Joey’s CT scan at We had a turn around time befitting a “star” on Joey’s CT exam from Dr. Victor Rendano at eVet Diagnostics. Dr. Rendano is a board certified Veterinary Radiologist with additional certification in radiation therapy. We are very fortunate to have a radiologist with Dr. Rendano’s experience and world renowned expertise on Joey’s treatment team. The great news from Dr. Rendano is that he saw no evidence of tumor in Joey’s chest and felt while the mass in the leg is a tumor it does not appear to be extremely aggressive.

Joey had two biopsy samples taken; these samples were sent to Dr. Jason Doss of Doss and Hennings Veterinary Pathology Service in Little Rock. Both Drs. Doss and Hennings are affiliated with UAMS and through their expertise will determine the exact type of tumor Joey has.

Once that information is available I will consult Dr. David Vail, the endowed chair and director of the Barbara A. Suran Comparative Oncology Research Institute, at the School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison, WI and a treatment plan for Joey will be formulated.

I am privileged to work with veterinary specialists of this caliber and you can all be confident that Joey will receive the best care available. More updates will be posted as they become available.

Thanks for all of your support,

Dr. Dew.



Joey the KTHVGarden Cat’s Cat Scan

This is a 3D reconstruction of the mass in Joey’s leg viewed from the front.


Joey the KTHV Garden Cat Bone Scan

This is the mass viewed from the side, showing that the mass involves the bone.


Joey the KTHV Garden Cat Bone Scan

Joey the KTHV Garden Cat Bone Scan



These are actual CT images (transverse) that demonstrate the mass and it’s involvement with the tibia.





And the good news:

Joey the KTHV Garden Cat Bone Scan

This is a cross-section of Joey’s chest.  There is no evidence of disease in the lung or heart!

We will keep you posted on Joey’s progress. We appreciate the prayers of support of all of Joey’s fans, and know that Joey, his momma/agent, and the entire staff of KHTV appreciates each and everyone of you as well.



  1. mary Falkenhausen says:

    Thank you! I’m, just a cat and dog lover. Hate to see any anmial in pain. Over the passed year it has been fun watching what they post about him. I realy hope with you help they continue.

  2. Thank you for all you do!!! I am so glad that Joey has you helping him. I am a major animal lover – 3 cats & 2 dogs. I love animals more than I love people sometimes. Its great what you & your staff do for all of God’s wonderful fur babies!!! You & your staff are truly very special folks!!! Thank you for keeping us all updated on Joey!!! I really believe he is gonna be just fine!!!! May you all be blessed!!!

  3. Michele Roush says:

    Thank You so much for taking such great care of Joey, he has become such a BIG part in alot of our live’s and we all love him so much! THANK YOU AGAIN !!

  4. Michele Roush says:

    My husband and I are cat lover’s and take in all stray’s that wonder to our home. At one time we were up to 19, but some have become old and had to be put to sleep (SNIF-SNIF) but now they are not in pain, and we all will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking such GREAT care of Joey, he has become a BIG part in our live’s, we have grown to love and care about him so much.

  5. Tammy Garrison says:

    Wait. So is the tumor removed or only biopsied? Best wishes, Joey. We hope you get well soon. We have been afraid of tumors for our own cat, April. Are there “trends” or specific things to look for or be aware of when it comes to these tumors in our little loved ones?

  6. Tammy, the tumor has been biopsied only for now. We have the report back from Dr. Rendano, the board certified radiologist, but are waiting for the biopsy results from Doss & Hennings. Once we get those results, we will formulate a treatment plan for Joey.

    As far as things to look for in your own pet, of course having checkups by your veterinarian (which is how Joey’s tumor was discovered by Dr. Bob Hale in Little Rock) is important. The only other way this could have been discovered is by feel. Since our pets are covered with fur, it makes it very difficult to see a developing tumor. Joey had no symptoms related to this at all, although he did have a limp on his front paw (totally unrelated) which precipitated the visit to Dr. Hale for a check up.

  7. i am so glad that you all are looking after joey along with dr hale…many blessings to you!!!

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