Joey’s 4 Month Recheck



It’s been four months since Joey came to Azzore Veterinary Specialists for a CT Scan and tumor removal. Today he returned for a recheck. We have a special video of Dr. Dew showing Joey’s x-rays and explaining how Joey is doing today. Just click on the picture of Joey to view the video. You will also find the video transcript below.

Looks like we won’t need to see Joey until his annual recheck appointment.

Joey the Garden Cat

Video Transcript:

Well these are Joey’s x-rays from today and we are 4 months post tumor excision. We just wanted to follow up with some x-rays to see how our bone graft is doing and to make sure that there’s no recurrence of the tumor.

What we see here is that our bone graft has consolidated nicely. Everything looks fairly quiet. The bone edges, periosteum, all look nice and quiet. So, that’s good. No indication of tumor re-growth.

On the lateral, of course we see the big plate. And we see the new bone that’s formed behind in the open screw holes. So, everything here looks great for Joey.

Again, it’s always difficult with tumor cases to say we affected a 100% cure, but it certainly does look very, very good, and we would certainly expect Joey to continue to do well.



  1. Joey is a cutey, thanks for all that you do!

  2. Our pleasure!

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