Joey’s One Week Recheck


Joey the Garden Cat came back to Azzore today for his 1 week post-surgery recheck and bandage removal. Dr. Dew reports on his progress and the recovery plan going forward in the video below. Click on the picture to view the video, or scroll down the page to read the transcript.

Joey the Garden Cat's 1 Week Recheck



Hi. We’re here today with Joey. W’re at his one week post surgery recheck. We took off his bandage today. His incision is healing very, very well. He’s starting to place the leg. He got a little bit cranky when we took off his bandage, which is pretty typical, but he’s doing fine.

What’s going to happen for the next 6 weeks, we’re going to keep Joey confined to a smaller area. We’re not going to let him do any running or jumping because, unfortunately, he’s going to think he’s healed and he’s not. We need his tibia, the bone we removed the cancer from, to start to heal and his body learn to accommodate to the new stresses. So for 6 weeks he’s going to be confined to an area that’s big enough for him to move around. He’s got his litter pan, his food and water, but it’s not going to allow him to jump and get into trouble.

Then, we’ll take an x-ray to see how the bone graft is taking, and to make sure we don’t have any recurrence of the tumor, and that the bone is healed enough to let him get back to the garden, because we really expect Joey to be able to run and jump and climb the fence and do all of his garden cat activities.

From that point on then we will probably monitor Joey with x-ray and possibly CT Scan starting at 2 month intervals and then, hopefully, we’ll be able to stretch that out to 4 even 6 month intervals.

Joeys’ done great, he’s been a great patient and we really appreacite being able to help out.


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