Joey’s Pathology Report


The final biopsy report is in and it’s good news for Joey the KTHV Garden Cat. Although the pathology report confirmed what we already knew — that Joey has osteosarcoma — the good news is, it hasn’t spread and all indications are that all of the tumor cells were removed. Watch as Dr. Terry Dew with Azzore Veterinary Specialists explains the results.  This video is close captioned on our YouTube channel, and you will also find a full transcript below the video on this page.

Video Transcript:

We have some really great news for Joey’s fans today. We got back the biopsy from Dr. Doss. The good news is that even though Joey does have an osteosarcoma, so it is definitely a bone tumor, it looks like we removed all of the tumor cells that were present and they did not invade through the thickness of the bone and into  the bone marrow cavity. All of that is great news for Joey. We expect that he should  go on and heal without any further difficulty. We look forward to an extremely long disease free interval, hopefully for the remainder of Joey’s life.

Dr. Doss is going to upload some photo micrographs of the actual tumor itself, and we hope to have those posted on our website in the next several days. Joey’s doing great. He’s done as well as he possibly could have with this kind of cancer. And we expect him to do well into the future.


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