Joey’s Preliminary Biopsy Results


We received the preliminary biopsy report on Joey the Garden Cat. In this video, Dr. Dew explains the pathology report. Click on the photo to watch the video, or scroll down to read the transcript.

Video Transcript:

We got back some preliminary information on Joey’s biopsy so we just wanted to pass it along to all of Joey’s fans. It’s really great news.

There was some tissue in the medullary canal that we were a little bit concerned with so we submitted that to Dr. Doss. He examined it completely and there is no evidence of tumor.  It was just some fatty bone marrow so that would be considered normal. That’s great news.

We’re still waiting for the bony part of the biopsy to come back. That continues to be decalcified. Once we get those results we’ll pass that along. So far, all the news for Joey is great.

We did get a photo of him the other day. It looks like he is doing well on his leg, so all is going the best that we could ask for.



  1. Marianne says:

    Thank you so much for the update. Your compassion for Joey is wonderful. To all the staff @Azzore …you are definetley the best and caring animal hospital in AR and the reason I know this is because of Joeys FB page.

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