Joey’s Status Wednesday April 11


Dr. Terry Dew’s Update on Joey. Click on the image to view the video or read the transcript below.

Joey's Status - Message from Dr. Dew

Joey’s Status:

Good morning, we’re here with Joey and we’d like to update his Facebook fans and the THV viewers on what we did yesterday. Yesterday Joey had a CAT Scan procedure, and we looked at both his bone that he had the mass on, and we also looked at his lungs. We engaged Dr. Victor Rendano, a board certified radiologist, and he’s already gotten back to us with those results. And, the good news is that Joey doesn’t have any evidence of disease in his lungs and that although we are dealing with a tumor in Joey’s leg, it looks like it has a fairly benign appearance to it. So, all those things are great.

We’ve got Drs. Doss and Hennings, two veterinary pathologists that are associated with the medical school at UAMS that are going to be looking at the samples that we took to determine what type of tumor it is.

Then we will be consulting with Dr. David Vail the veterinary oncology chair at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine concerning the treatment protocol we are going to develop for Joey.

So, all of that is going to be developing rather quickly over the next several days, and we will keep Joey’s fans updated on his Facebook page.  There will be a link there if you want to go and actually look at Joey’s CT Scans on the Azzore webpage.

Everything is going well. Joey is resting comfortably, as you can see. We’ll see if we can show his bump which is much more prominent today, now that we clipped his hair off.  Joey’s a little bashful about showing his bump. But, there it is. Come on Joey, there we go… right on the front of his leg. So, we took a biopsy and he’s doing fine from that. He’s up and around and doing well.

Joey was nice enough to deliver a print to us today. A gorgeous print by an artist down in Little Rock (Robert Walker) and we’re pleased and happy to be able to help Joey out. And really, I think Joey is very happy that he can let the community know what great veterinary care is available here in Arkansas.



  1. RF Walker says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to provide a transcript of your videos regarding Joey, the Garden Cat’s status and updates. Much appreciated!

  2. You are very welcome. I wish we had thought of it on our own, instead of you having to point it out to us!

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