Joey’s Surgery Day


Dr. Dew recorded a special message for Joey’s Facebook fans. Click on the image to view the video or read the transcript below.


Dr. Dew's Message for Joey's Facebook Fans


Here’s a transcript of the video:

Good morning to all of Joey’s Facebook fans.  I’m Dr. Terry Dew and I’m working with Dr. Bob Hale with Joey the Garden Cat, as you well know. Joey has an abnormal growth in his rear leg that we’re going to look at today. It’s got a density similar to bone. We’re going to use our new CT unit to CT Joey, and we’re going to find out whether or not that density is attached to the bone. If it’s not, that would indicate that it’s probably a much more benign problem. And then we’re also going to use the CT to look at Joey’s lungs and see if he’s got any problem there. That will allow us to better plan for Joey’s future treatment. But, overall, we’re quite optimistic. I think Joey will do very, very well.




  1. This is so awesome that you are able to show the CT scans and tell Joey’s story….thank you from one of his millions of fans….

    Southern California

  2. You’re welcome! It’s our pleasure.

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