Laryngeal Paralysis Patient

“LarPar” patient

Laryngeal Paralysis Part Two


Meet Marcie.

Marcie-Laryngeal Paralysis Patient

Marcie came to us with a history of breathing problems. Over the past five to six months, her respiration had gradually worsened and become more and more of a struggle.

At her exam, she displayed stridor and cyanosis consistent with laryngeal paralysis.

Dr. Dew discussed arytenoid tie-back procedure, the recovery process and prognosis for patients undergoing this procedure.

Marcie’s mom decided to go ahead and bring Marcie to Russellville for surgery.

Wondering what a laryngeal paralysis dog sounds like?  Click here:  

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You can learn more about laryngeal paralysis and see videos of the larynx of a dog before and after this procedure on our Laryngeal Paralysis page.


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