Laryngeal Paralysis Surgery

The surgery – Arytenoid Tie-Back

Laryngeal Paralysis Part Three


Marcie in recovery following laryngeal tieback sugeryMarcie’s mom brought her to our Russellville surgery center on May 5th. Marcie underwent arytenoid tieback on the left side. Typically, only one side needs to be operated on, as a unilateral tieback procedure will provide sufficient increase in the airway for comfortable breathing.

Marcie did well during surgery, and has a good prognosis for an uncomplicated recovery and improved quality of life.

With this procedure, there is a significant chance of airway edema for the first 24 hours, so we recommended that Marcie be watched at a 24-hour facility.

Dogs with an arytenoid tie-back will experience an occasional bout of aspiration pneumonia. ¬†Symptoms to watch for are lethargy and not eating. Marcie’s mom is cautioned to take her to her regular veterinarian if this occurs for chest x-rays. If that is the cause, a round of antibiotics should take care of the problem.

After surgery, Marcie looks and sounds much better!


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