Observation Day with Drs. Burks and McCutcheon

Observation Day with Drs. Burks and McCutcheon

Dr. Burks to observe all day, Dr. McCutcheon to observe her dog’s surgery


Dr. McCutcheon made the trip to Russellville with her own dog to have surgery with Dr. Dew. Brianna was suffering from bilateral luxating patellas…


McCutcheon, Brianna Card

Dr. McCutcheon took advantage of the opportunity of getting in a little bit of continuing education by observing and learning from Dr. Dew during surgery.


Dr. McCutcheon 1 Dr. McCutcheon 2 Dr. McCutcheon 3

and ran into Dr. Burks. . . also here to get a little extra continuing education observing Dr. Dew in the Operating Room.

Dr. Burks 1 Dr. Burks 2 Dr. Burks 3

a day of doctors. . . 

Drs. Dew, Burks, McCutcheon 1 Drs. Dew, Burks, McCutcheon 3

what fun!


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