POTW February 23rd – February 27th 2015

With 100 Votes, Baby wins

Patient Of The Week!

Baby, a 10 month old pet Poodle, came to see Dr. Dew for spinal cord compression due to congenital vertebral malformation.

A CT scan was performed previously, with Dr. Dew identifying spinal compression. Dr. Dew performed hemilaminectomy surgery, partial corpectomy at T7.

Baby the Poodle


Congratulations Baby!



  1. LeJean Teravest says:

    Awh. Out Baby boy won patient of the week. Thank you to all of our supporters who voted; and a special thank you to Dr. Dew and his awesome staff. We’ll see you next week for Baby’s follow-up appointment.

  2. We’ll see you next week!

  3. Yay Baby!!!! Thank you so much Dr. Dew and crew. Go Baby Go!

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