POTW Nov 30 thru Dec 3, 2009

Patient of the Week

November 30th thru December 3rd, 2009


and the winner of our very first
Patient of the Week

with 50 votes is. . . .



Our next contestant, Lilly, is a 1 year and 9 month old, 105 lb female spayed Mastiff mix. Lilly has a history of bilateral rear limb weakness and dysfunction, which recently got worse. Her regular veterinarian, Dr. Seminara, identified hip dysplasia as well as bilateral cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture. In our surgery center, Lilly struggled to rise and sit. Her radiographs show bilateral coxofemoral subluxation, femoral neck thickening and osteophyte formation. Her mom has decided to go ahead with bilateral tibial tuberosity advancement for now.
Both of Lilly’s stifles were corrected with tibial tuberosity advancements. We had the easy part. The difficult part is the aftercare. For the next 12 weeks, Lilly will need to be exercise restricted while her bones heal. She was released to her parents with a special  harness by Blue Dog Designs to assist her family in helping her get around.


Congratulations Lilly!


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