Rapid Inflammatory Mitigation

RIM™ Therapy

We all experience pain.  Whether from injury or age, chronic or acute, nagging or debilitating – pain dampens our lives and the lives of our pets.

What causes pain?

Pain is caused by inflammation which heightens the sensitivity and puts pressure on the nerves. The most common solution is to take a pain pill.  Unfortunately those pills only mask the problem. Even worse, they can damage our livers, our kidneys and our mental sharpness.

Now there is a better solution.

RIM Treatment

How does RIM™ therapy work?

With Rapid Inflammatory Mitigation (RIM™) therapy, large bursts of energy are pulsed deep into the tissues.  These powerful pulses actually massage the tissues, opening the lymphatic system to allow the inflammatory materials to flow out. At the same time, the energy increases vascular (blood) flow and restores normal function of cell membranes.

The result? A normalization of the local cellular environment and reduced swelling and pain – without risk of side effects of burns.  Performed properly, RIM™ far exceeds any other method or medical treatment.

What can RIM™ therapy be used to treat?

  • Acute and Chronic injuries
  • Arthritis and Arthrosis
  • Edema
  • Post surgical healing
  • Internal medical conditions characterized by inflammation
  • Nearly all inflammatory conditions

Epica™ has the only devices in the world capable of RIM™ therapy at significant depths.  Azzore is pleased to offer RIM™ therapy to our patients post-operatively using the Artemis™ High Intensity Laser system.



  1. Robin Schaefers says:

    How do we know if our pet is a candidate for RIM after Dr. Dew performs surgery? Or even if it would be a useful tool to reduce swelling and enhance healing? What are the costs associated with RIM Therapy and how often does it need to be performed to be effective? Thank you! Robin

  2. Very good questions, but unfortunately they are impossible to answer over the internet! Dr. Dew would need to examine the patient and get a history to know whether or not RIM Treatments would be beneficial. The number of sessions and frequency is also determined by the individual situation. For instance, we perform RIM on most of our surgery patients immediately post-op and then the following morning before they are released. This is sufficient for 99% of post-op swelling and inflammation. If this is a chronic condition, it may require a series of treatments (9 – 11) in order to see the full benefit. Please give us a call with your pet’s specific history, and we can run it past Dr. Dew and see if he feels RIM would help. Or, even better, schedule a consult/exam so that he can evaluate your pet.

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