Total Support Harness

Blue Dog Designs’ The Help’em Up Harness

At Azzore, we have discovered what may be the best canine mobility harness on the market. The Help ‘Em Up harness is a complete shoulder and hip harnessing system that can be worn at all times, and uses handles to allow you to provide assistance whenever it is needed. This fully-adjustable harness system provides a perfect fit every time, and benefits both the dog and owner following orthopedic surgery that may require restriction of activities such as jumping in and out of the car, going up stairs, or maneuvering uneven terrain.

The superior design and performance of these harnesses have led them to become the only support harness offered at Azzore. Following total hip replacement or bilateral knee surgery, your pet will be going home with a Help ‘Em Up harness. We will demonstrate how to adjust the harness for perfect fit and how to use the harness to assist your pet during times of limited mobility and exercise restriction.


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