serving to identify a particular disease or characteristic



Endoscopy, Bronchoscopy


CAT Scan

Penn Hip Evaluation

Bloodwork, Urinalysis

If a diagnostic is completed the day you meet with Dr. Dew, in many cases, your pet may go home the same day.

Discharge time will depend upon what time the procedure was completed and how long it takes your pet to recover from sedation.

– If your pet is having a myelogram, he or she will have to stay overnight.

– If there are any complications during the procedure or recovery, your pet will have to stay overnight.

– At discharge, you will be given a procedure/discharge report, any medications to be given and any radiographs (x-rays) that were brought in or have been taken. This report will also be faxed and┬ámailed to your veterinarian. Please return any radiographs you brought with you back to your veterinarian.

– After arriving home and getting your pet settled, review the procedure/discharge report. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

– If any rechecks are required, it will be noted in the procedure/discharge report.