otherwise known as xrays

There are a variety of illnesses and injuries that can be diagnosed with quality radiographs. Prior to visiting us at Azzore, you have likely seen your general practice veterinarian and if your pet’s problem is orthopedic in nature, they have probably taken recent radiographs. If you are traveling a long distance, you may want to consider a radiograph consult before making the trip.

In most cases, the problem can be identified and your pet can be scheduled for surgery prior to visiting our office. A radiograph consult can be arranged through your general practice veterinarian, and following review of the films Dr. Dew will call with a diagnosis.

Since quality and technique can vary greatly and is dependent on the skill of the doctor or technician taking the radiograph, it may be necessary to have films taken here at our office. Should this be the case, we will likely take a film when your pet arrives, prior to surgery, to corroborate the diagnosis. Additionally, some orthopedic problems may not require your general practice veterinarian to take radiographs to diagnose the problem.

Parkway Clinic - XRay

If you schedule an office consult and surgery for the same day, please bring any recent films taken by your general practice veterinarian. These will be returned to you when you pick up your pet. Any x-rays that we take will be provided to you, and a copy will also be sent to your pet’s general practice veterinarian to become a part of their permanent record.

We will take another radiograph eight to twelve weeks after any orthopedic surgery to assess healing.

Radiographs can also be used to diagnose and assess certain internal injuries and illnesses, either with or without the use of contrast media. We are proud to offer high quality, digital radiographs taken by Dr. Dew and his trained surgical staff. If you have any questions regarding the style and technique we may need to view radiographs taken elsewhere, please don’t hesitate to call our office. 479-964-4300.