Brain Tumors

Veterinary Neurosurgery – Brain Tumors

in dogs generally affect older dogs and there is seemingly little size or breed significance, and incidence of brain tumors usually involves multiple affected sites on the brain.



– Changes in behavior, intelligence or blindness

Symptoms can vary based on the type and location of the tumor, but ultimately the most common signs are changes in behavior, loss of behavioral patterns or motor skills, and blindness due to pressure from the tumor on the optic nerve.


Radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical removal are options for the treatment of canine brain tumors. Depending on the location and number of affected sites as well as age and health of the dog, treatment decisions for canine brain tumors are made following thorough consultation by a veterinary neurological specialist and diagnostics by the veterinary surgeon and pet owner, and will support the best prognosis for the patient’s safety and comfort.