Total Elbow Replacement – TER in dogs

least invasive surgical option for the correction of elbow disease with proven results for full function recovery and relief from joint pain.

TATE canine total elbow replacement is an innovative surgical procedure that provides relief from elbow dysplasia and degenerative joint disease in dogs. Developed specifically to promote the accuracy of surgical placement and reduce the likelihood of post-operative luxation (failure of the joint to stay properly aligned), TATE total elbow is a clinically effective surgical procedure with low complication rates and high probability for full recovery of joint use and range of motion in dogs.


Elbow Dysplasia is an inherited disease that primarily affects large and giant breeds, such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador Retrievers.

Symptoms can include:

– lame or abnormal gait

– holding the elbows out or tucked in

– less playful

– slow to rise and tire easily


total elbow

Radiographic views of TATE total elbow implants.

The TATE total elbow replacement is truly a breakthrough in canine surgical revision. Many other methods have attempted and failed to effectively replace the elbow joint and provide relief from pain in dogs. Additionally, return to function is relatively rapid, with full in-growth to the bone generally occurring by 12 weeks post surgery. The procedure itself involves the actual removal and replacement of the pieces of the humeral and radio-ulnar bones that come into contact when the joint is in motion. The implants are made of the most bio-compatible materials available which virtually eliminates the risks of infection and implant rejection.

elbow implant
Actual cartridge implant used for
TATE total elbow replacement.