Joey’s Pathology Report

  The final biopsy report is in and it’s good news for Joey the KTHV Garden Cat. Although the pathology report confirmed what we already knew — that Joey has osteosarcoma — the good news is, it hasn’t spread and all indications are that all of the tumor cells were removed. Watch as Dr. Terry […]


Joey’s One Week Recheck

Joey the Garden Cat's 1 Week Recheck

  Joey the Garden Cat came back to Azzore today for his 1 week post-surgery recheck and bandage removal. Dr. Dew reports on his progress and the recovery plan going forward in the video below. Click on the picture to view the video, or scroll down the page to read the transcript.   Transcript: Hi. […]


Theba’s (Momma/Agent) Message to Joey’s Fans

  Transcript: So we’re in Russellville. I’m Theba, I’m Joey’s momma/agent. We had a great ride this morning. Russellville is about an hour from Little Rock. And it’s his day — surgery day. So, we are going to wish and hope for the best, and I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented and […]


Joey the Garden Cat’s Treatment Plan

Dr. Dew Explains Joey the Garden Cat's Surgery Plan

After discussions with oncologist Dr. David Vail, at the School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison, WI, and with Joey’s momma/agent and other staff at KHTV, a decision has been made on what course of treatment to pursue for Joey. Joey’s medical team and his KTHV family is confident that this is the best way to […]


Dr. Hale’s Joey Update on Today’s KTHV Morning Show

  Dr. Bob Hale joined the KTHV Morning Show to give another update on Joey the Garden Cat. Click on the picture below to view the video, or scroll down to read the transcript of the interview. Liz: Out to the garden with Dr. Bob and Tom. Tom: We have Joey right here below us […]


Dr. Hale’s Update on KTHV

Dr. Bob Hale's Update on Joey the Garden Cat

  Dr. Bob Hale updated viewers on Joey the Garden Cat this afternoon on KTHV. You can view the video by clicking on the picture below, or scroll down to read the transcript of the interview. Liz: As you know, a tumor was recently found on Joey’s back leg. The pathology report came back today […]