Injuries and Emergencies in Field Dogs

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Injuries and Emergencies in Field Dogs being prepared for emergencies in the field is as essential as having a well-conditioned dog   Fortunately most injuries that dogs incur can be readily treated, yet knowing how to handle a more serious accident could make a difference in the prognosis for your field trial superstar or hunting […]


Back Surgery on a Lion-tailed Macaque

Oldies-back sx on lion-tailed macaque

Back Surgery on a Lion-tailed Macaque Thoracolumbar Hemilaminectomy and Spinal Cord Decompression – October 10, 2007   A 16-yr-old, castrated male lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus) presented with acute bilateral pelvic limb paralysis. Cisternal and lumbar myelograms demonstrated right-sided spinal cord compression at T13-L1. During an extradural hemilaminectomy, chronically ruptured disk material was removed at T13-L1, […]


A Bear of a Patient

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A “Bear” of a Patient AAOS fellows treat 600-lb polar bear for femur fracture – February 2007     On February 7, 2007, Dr. Dew was part of a surgical team assembled by the Memphis Zoo to repair a fractured femur on a polar bear. “It was the best surgery that we could possibly have hoped […]


Trackfest 2006, Quincy, IL

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Trackfest 2006, Quincy, IL a three-day tracking dachshund workshop   Dr. Dew shares his extensive knowledge regarding back problems in dachshunds at Trackfest 2006 in Quincy, IL. – John Jeanneney (   Click here to read the full article.