The Week in Review… our first “new” post

The Week in Review

Dr. Dew’s patients of the week – their patient summaries and treatments


Can you believe the year is almost over?  Is next week really Thanksgiving already?  My calendar says it is. Amazing…

I’ve been struggling with The Dew Review.  You may have noticed… since there have only been two posts — ever — and the blog was created back in August. It finally hit me why I’ve been struggling.  The Dew Review was, well, boring.  There.  I said it.  With all of the information available on the internet, who could possibly be interested in yet another boring, informational blog? 

So, then I thought “what would people be interested in seeing on our blog?”  And, the response came back (don’t worry, no, I’m NOT hearing voices) “people want to hear about our patients!”  Well, DUH!  So, hold on tight and try not to get whiplash as I make a fast turn here and head off in a completely different direction with this blog. 

From now on, I promise to try to be entertaining and fun as well as educational, and show you lots of pictures of patients & staff, and tell you all of those warm, fuzzy stories you really want to read about.  The Dew Review is about to become the Week in Review…

So, what DID we do this week???  I’m so glad you asked.

Monday was a pretty light day… We did a hip consultation, a tumor removal on a lab, and Bobby came back for another bandage application.

You may remember Bobby, the sweet 4 year old cat that got pretty messed up when he was hit by a car back in July.  Bobby suffered some pretty significant injuries in the accident including de-gloving of the phalanges (toes in layman’s terms) as well as a fractured tibia.  De-gloving is pretty much what it sounds like… the fur and skin was literally “peeled back” from his toes. 

Amputated remaining phalanges to the distal metatarsus and stabilized the tibia with an external fixator.

So, how is Bobby doing?  Great!  Now, if we can just get him to keep the bandage on his leg for additional support until it finishes the healing process!

It was Memphis Tuesday this week, so Dr. Dew and Pam Morgan hit the road Tuesday morning to see cases at the Animal Emergency Clinic on Summer Avenue in Memphis, TN.   Teddy is doing great 12 weeks after his TTA surgery.  Two weeks after her hock and stifle stabilization, Holly is also doing well, but needs an additional 8 weeks of confinement before she’s released back to normal activity.  I know, I know… tough to keep a kitty down, but you have to do what you have to do. 

Sugar, 8 yr, 26 lb Beagle mix has had multiple episodes of back pain and rear limb ataxia (lack of coordination).  Her symptoms have been partially responsive to medical therapy.
Cerebrospinal centesis to collect fluid from the cisterna magna. This fluid, collected before the contrast medium is injected, is sent to the lab for analysis if nothing shows up in the myelogram.

Myelogram.  X-rays taken after Sugar was injected with iohexol (contrast medium) showed problems at T12-13-L and T13-L1right. Having multiple lesions isn’t very common, but Sugar’s prognosis remains good with surgery.
Surgery. Hemilaminectomy T12-13-L, T13-L1-R – a large amount of chronic disc material was removed from each location.

A mere two weeks after surgery, Sugar is doing great! She is fully weight bearing and comfortable on both rear limbs. The incision has healed and there is only the most minimal degree of ataxia.


Merlin, 6 1/2 yr old, 134 lb, Great Dane has been seen by Dr. Dew for multiple issues.  We first saw Merlin in early 2007 for a cranial cruciate ligament injury on the right, then in June of 2008 for a Total Hip Replacement, and in September 2009 for a torn cruciate on the left.  Last month, Merlin displayed limited weight bearing on the left side, and loosening of the acetabular cup was identified as the problem.
The acetabular cup and screw were removed, and the acetabulum cultured.  A new implant was placed and stabilized with titanium screws.

Three weeks after surgery, the incision is healed and Merlin is walking well!  Merlin, we love you dearly, so don’t take this the wrong way, but we just don’t want to see you anymore — at least, not for surgery!

After consultations and rechecks were completed at the Memphis Animal Emergency Center, Dr. Dew and his side-kick Pam Morgan flew over to McGehee Clinic for Animals to perform an emergency tracheotomy on Maggie, a 6 yr, 14 1/2 lb Yorkie with a collapsing trachea.  Once Maggie was stabilized, the dynamic Dew-Oh headed back home transporting three patients to our surgery center in Russellville, AR.

Wednesday Dr. Dew was out of the office all morning, and had a frankly impossible schedule that afternoon.  All but two surgeries were rescheduled for Thursday.


Allie, 7 yr, 17 lb Rat Terrier suffered acute onset of right rear ataxia (lack of coordination) on Monday. At her examination Wednesday, she displayed paresis (paralysis in layman’s terms) on the right and some ataxia on the left. Possible causes include disc compression, FCE (FibroCartilaginous Embolism), GME (Granulomatous MeningoEncephalomyelitis) or possibly a tumor.

Cerebrospinal centesis.  Fluid was taken pre-injection with contrast medium and submitted to the lab for cytology.
Myelogram: iohexol (contrast medium) was injected and a series of x-rays taken show column thinning from L2-L5 and a slight deviation of the cord to right at L4-5
Hemilaminectomy: L4-5, left.  Clot was removed and the abnormal material was sent to the lab for analysis.

Unknown. We’ll have to wait until we get the lab results back on this one.  This wasn’t your standard disc repair.


Buddy, 9 yr, 137 lb Black Lab was hit by a car on Saturday. His veterinarian identified a closed right coxofemoral luxation (medical terminology for dislocated hip), and referred Buddy to Dr. Dew for surgery.  Buddy was transported from Memphis on Tuesday, and had surgery in our Russellville, AR center on Wednesday. 
Reduced femoral head and stabilized with pins and wire.

Buddy came through surgery with flying colors, and will be transported back to Memphis with the other patients on Friday.

Whew!  And that’s just through Wednesday!!! Stay tuned for part two of this Week in Review.

Got questions about any of these medical conditions or procedures, or just want to comment on one of these great patients, feel free to leave a comment or send us an email.  I can promise you that we personally read each and every one.


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