Theba’s (Momma/Agent) Message to Joey’s Fans


Theba's (Momma/Agent) Message to Joey's Fans


So we’re in Russellville. I’m Theba, I’m Joey’s momma/agent. We had a great ride this morning. Russellville is about an hour from Little Rock. And it’s his day — surgery day. So, we are going to wish and hope for the best, and I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented and sent something, your prayers, your thoughts… It has been a really sweet gesture and it has helped me a lot. So I thank you so much. We are here at Azzore Specialists… Veterinary Specialists, and we are very confident in Dr. Dew and the staff and I will leave him today and come and get him tomorrow afternoon. Keep you posted.



  1. Thank you for taking care of Joey!
    And speedy recovery Joey love from Singapore <3

  2. It’s our pleasure!

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