Where in the World is Dr. Dew?

Where in the World is Dr. Dew?

board certified veterinary surgeon, speaker and now world-traveler. . .


November 2011 — 2011 ACVS Veterinary Symposium, the Surgical Summit, in Chicago Illinois

The ACVS is the American College of Veterinary Surgeons “which is the American Veterinary Medical Association specialty board which sets the standards for advanced professionalism in veterinary surgery. The ACVS defines the standards of surgical excellence for the profession, promotes advancements in veterinary surgery, and provides the latest in surgical educational programs. By fostering the highest standards of excellence in veterinary surgery, the ACVS is helping the veterinary profession achieve its goals of providing outstanding service to the public and care to animals.” – acvs.org

Dr. Dew is chairing a session “My Last 1000 Cases”. In this session Dr. Dew has invited the most experienced international veterinary surgeons to speak on their experiences with total hip replacement, TTA and TPLO procedures, arthroscopy, tracheal stents and oncology. Dr. Dew believes that only through considerable case experience can an accurate picture of prognosis and outcomes be obtained, essentially this is a group of elite surgeons whose techniques, experience and results should be the “gold standard” for those of lesser experience to strive for.


October 2011 — Dr. Dew traveled to Las Vegas to speak at another Kyon Master Class. This time the topic was Total Hip Replacements. This Master Class focused on “. . . rationale/theory, teach the procedure in lecture/video/bone model/cadaver formats, provide technical and practical instruction on basic techniques, include bone model and wet lab exercises, ample discussion, presentations on clinical experiences, advanced techniques, avoiding/managing complications, and new/ongoing research.”


September 2011 — We were proud and excited to have our very own Dr. Terry Dew invited to speak at the Kyon TTA Master Class in Zurich Switzerland this year. Dr. Dew has performed nearly 900 Tibial Tuberosity Advancements (TTA) since 2003. Although 43% of his TTA patients have been Labrador Retrievers, he has occasionally performed this procedure on his smaller feline patients.

Dr. Dew’s talk will focus on the advantages of the TTA procedure, as well as it’s complications.

Mastiff TTA at 2 Weeks

Max THR and Bi-Lateral TTA Patient

Not only is the TTA an excellent stand-alone procedure, but it can also be easily used to revise other procedures such as Securos, Leader line, Tight rope, TPLO and Fascial strip.


And what about complications?
The rate is very low.

Out of the 876 TTAs that Dr. Dew has performed, we have had:

    • – 1 infection;
    • – 43 major complications;
    • – 16 patellar luxations;
    • – 5 fractures (due to non-compliance with exercise restriction);
    • – 6 post-op meniscal tears;
    • – 11 hardware removals;
    • – and 5 incision revisions.

All complications were resolved.

How soon does the patient become weight bearing after surgery?
Here’s Lainey 18 Hours Post bi-lateral TTA Surgery.


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